LinkedIn 90 Minute Masterclass

Over 364m business people worldwide and in excess of 19m in the UK alone consider LinkedIn to be the pre-eminent business networking platform online. A place where professionals have the ability to connect & network, develop their sales and market themselves, their skills, services & products.

To help companies and individual teams make best use of LinkedIn, we are offering this 90 minute masterclass at this year’s Thames Valley Expo - Windsor. This 90 minute masterclass is designed to ensure that you are able to use LinkedIn to develop new business, market, recruit or simply to network and promote your company, its products & services. In particular, this masterclass will give you the confidence to exploit the commercial opportunities that exist, make you feel familiar with what is possible and able to use LinkedIn in a focused and targeted way ... not as a space to while away the hours!

We’ll be covering:

1. Why LinkedIn is an increasingly key business tool
2. How to get the most out of LinkedIn as a business professional
3. Key considerations when creating a Profile which really delivers against your goals
4. Developing your network and integrating your current one
5. Identifying prospects and how to approach them
6. Ways to get yourself seen and market your services / products to the right people
7. LinkedIn applications making your life easier
8. … and many more key areas

Masterclass Overview 

This is a 90 minute masterclass where we concentrate on getting the foundations in place and then developing leads and prospects through the system as well as marketing yourself, your services, skills or your company’s products. All you need to make LinkedIn a key part of your business development and marketing toolbox.

We start by looking at your personal profile, the foundations of your activity on LinkedIn and examine how to use it to both appeal to individual visitors as well as help you to attract the right people via appearing high up LinkedIn’s Search. 

Using examples live on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn for Business Success workshop is designed to ensure that you are best placed to use the power of LinkedIn for you and your business, giving you the know-how to market yourself and your roles, identify and approach candidates and also develop new business through it.

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